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Emerson Climate Technologies is interested in locating and developing high quality, cost effective, and competent suppliers who will integrate and support our quality commitment. It is our philosophy that the supplier has primary responsibility for the quality of the product or service provided. We are pleased to provide this site to our supplier partners. We feel that this site will document our quality expectations and requirements enabling us to work together effectively as we strive for quality excellence.

Bill Ragon
VP Global Supply Chain

Company Code Last Update Date/Time
AUS - ECT Australia 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
CCE - Copeland Corporation Europe 10-26-16 02:03 AM CET
CCU - Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
CRS - Copeland Refrigeration, Shenyang 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
DUB - Emerson Climate Technologies Dubai 10-26-16 03:15 AM ET
EAA - Emerson Climate Technologies - Asia/Australia 10-26-16 23:50 PM CST(ASIA)
EAM - Emerson Climate Technologies - Americas 10-25-16 22:52 PM ET
EAS - Flow Controls Suzhou 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
EEM - Emerson Climate Technologies - Europe/Middle East 10-26-16 18:39 PM CET
EES - Emerson Electric Suzhou 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
EST - Flow Trading Suzhou 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
FGM - Flow Guadalajara Mexico 10-26-16 03:05 AM ET
FZE - Emerson FZE 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
LTX - Locos Solutions 10-26-16 00:42 AM ET
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